David Kirkpatrick

December 8, 2008

Obama the porkbuster

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Pork is less a problem dollar-wise than it seems, but it’s insidious and representative of the worst of DC. Getting rid of it has long been a fiscal conservative goal, even spawning a online group of porkbusters.

Looks like Obama shares the goal. One more reason why I’m proud to have voted for him.

From the second link:

President-elect Barack Obama issued a warning Sunday to officials around the country lining up for federal dollars to help projects take off in the struggling economy: No more business as usual.

In an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Obama said, “What we need to do is examine: What are the projects where we’re going to get the most bang for the buck? How are we going to make sure taxpayers are protected?

“You know, the days of just pork coming out of Congress as a strategy, those days are over.”

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