David Kirkpatrick

December 6, 2008

Legal heat about to hit Bush 43 administration?

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Looks very possible right now. The keystone figure is likely to be Alberto Gonzales and his actions as Attorney General. He’s facing some real civil and probable criminal charges — charges that Bush may be hard pressed to pardon away because of their explicitly political nature.

From the TPM Muckraker link:

It would appear that the most obvious reason for Terwilliger to withdraw from the civil suit is to be able to devote additional time to Dannehy’s more serious investigation into criminal wrong-doing.

That’s certainly the opinion of the veteran Washington lawyer bringing the civil suit in question. Dan Metcalfe, a former DOJ official and now the executive director of the Collaboration on Government Secrecy at American University Washington College of Law, who brought the suit on behalf of the law students, told TPMmuckraker*: “I think it’s quite fair to say that the most plausible explanation for what happened is that [Terwilliger] learned he was going to be otherwise occupied on Gonzales’ behalf.”

That would jibe with the newsearlier this week that Dannehy has issued subpoenas through a grand jury — it would be common practice at this point for targets in the investigation to receive letters from the prosecutor informing them that they are under investigation. And of course it would be in sync with our report that Dannehy appears to have contacted Gonzales or his lawyer in connection with the probe.

Also from the link:

Late Update: There’s additional evidence that Terwilliger is feeling jumpy about the twin cases, and is anxious to draw a distinction between the civil suit and the possible criminal investigation. Within hours of a story being posted by the legal publication AM Law Dailyincorrectly stating that DOJ was paying Gonzales’ lawyers for their work on the Dannehy investigation, Terwilliger had posted the following comment on the site:

Please correct your story as it is plainly in error to report that the Justice Department is paying Judge Gonzales’ legal fees in connection with the Inspector General inquiries. Those fees are a private responsibility. DOJ is reportedly paying fees at governement [sic] rates to another law firm in connection with a civil law suit in which Judge Gonzales has been sued in his individual capacity in connection with events in which he was involved, if at all, in his offical [sic] capacity.

Go below the fold for even creepier facts about Gonzo …

From the comments section of that TPM Muckraker post I found this tidbit:

check this posting out on Gonzo’s funky Opus Dei style signature.

he substitutes the upside down cross of St. Peter for Alberto and the dots are representative of the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

ironic that st. peter’s symbol now graces our torture and surveillance memos.


It’s beyond weird and very disturbing this individual ran our Justice Department. No wonder it ended up filled with graduates from a barely-accredited third rate christianist law school while newly minted lawyers from the best schools in our land where passed over.

That ought be criminal. Oh, yeah maybe it was …

From the above  link you find this:

All of this begs the question, WTF does Gonzales mean by this. It’s one thing to wear the flag on your lapel, but Alberto Gonzales is just 2 kewl for skewl.


St. Peter’s Cross now adorns memos authorizing torture, domestic surveillance, assasination attempts, denials of habeus corpus and outrageous claims to Executive Privilege & Power. Had Gonzales adopted this quaint habit when he was regularly advising Bush to deny clemency to Texas inmates on deathrow under sympathetic circumstances?

It’s as if Presentdent Bush substituted a little christian fish for the W. in his name.

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