David Kirkpatrick

December 1, 2008

Dreher likes Ron Paul …

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… really, really likes him. Man talk about a day late and a dollar short. Before I dumped my subscription to the Dallas Morning News I regularly read the weak-kneed drivel Dreher puts out. Now it takes a link from some online resource to lead me that way (this time it was the Daily Dish, thanks Sully).

Dreher wants to be a theocrat but lacks the conviction, and clearly he’s no libertarian. So why throw love Paul’s way? Maybe because the rest of the GOP is becoming exposed as a losing option in the voting booth?

At any rate Dreher nominates Paul for the DMN’s Texan of the year.

From the link:

I didn’t vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primary (I was a Mike Huckabee man), nor did I write him in on Election Day (I penciled in farmer-poet Wendell Berry). But no Texan this year did more good for conservatism and his country than the congressman from the coast.

Lord knows there was no Republican in the 2008 campaign who talked straighter.

Dr. Paul – he’s a physician – never had a chance, of course. He is too peculiar in his opinions and doesn’t know how to spin like a TV slick. What he had was ideas, integrity and authenticity. On the most critical challenges facing America, Dr. Paul was more right than the well-funded GOP regulars who bigfooted the campaign trail.

His best moment came in a May debate aired on Fox News. Dr. Paul asserted that too much U.S. meddling in the Middle East invites terrorist blowback – a conclusion shared by the 9/11 commission and former CIA bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheuer. Rudy Giuliani pounced, accusing Dr. Paul of trying to blame America for the Sept. 11 attacks.

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