David Kirkpatrick

November 12, 2008

Someone at the RNC better shut down the Palin media tour …

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… unless the GOP is truly looking to collapse in on itself. Doesn’t anyone in the Republican braintrust get that Palin may excite a fringe element of the base, but has exactly zero national political possibilities right now?

Every interview exposes some new aspect of her personality that turns more people off?

Here’s something I wrote right after the election:

One thing I did find funny is after McCain completed his concession speech, Palin turned to the mic briefly as though she were going to speak as well. The mic was clearly off, the smile burned off her face and she stalked to the side stage to follow the McCains down the stairway. Today she’s being excoriated for losing the election.

What’s amazing is I was totally guessing that Palin wanted to speak based on her body language and the way she approached the microphone.

Turns out I was completely right.

From the second link:

One of the more disconcerting leaks about Gov. Sarah Palin turned out to be true.

Ms. Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, arrived in Phoenix, Ariz., on election night hoping to deliver her own concession speech. “It was a great speech,” Ms. Palin told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show on Tuesday.

Aides to her running mate, Senator John McCain, told her it was not customary for the No. 2 to speak, she said. “But, you know, I thought, even if it was unprecedented, so what, you know?” Ms. Palin told Mr. Lauer. “Geez, let’s do something a little bit out of the box there.”

And now she is. Unleashed and not humbled, Ms. Palin is on a speed date with history, upending protocol as she goes. She put herself on full display, in interviews with NBC and Fox News before Mr. McCain had a chance to take a no-victory lap on “The Tonight Show.” And she has many more appearances scheduled throughout the week, including a star turn at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Miami on Thursday.

I can’t believe the Republican National Committee finds this acceptable, and even more shocking would be if it is, in fact, unacceptable and the group is powerless to stop her.

The only reasonable explanation is she’s being allowed (or maybe even encouraged) to continue the media blitz to completely end all electoral possibilities. The give her enough rope to really hang herself trick. If this isn’t the case, the GOP deserves every bit of pain it’s bringing upon itself.

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