David Kirkpatrick

November 5, 2008

Last night’s election and sustainable energy

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This release came out today — hit my inbox about six minutes ago. I think someone got one of those robocalls one the election being pushed back to today. Otherwise, why?

Day late and a dollar short …

Election 2008: What Does the Future Hold for Sustainable Energy

  What are the energy and environmental implications of the presidential

  Issue:                  Regardless the outcome of the presidential
                          election the impact on the future of renewable
                          energy is inevitable.

  What’s at stake:        America’s dependence on foreign oil and
                          sustainable energy sources such as hydro, wind and

  Obama’s platform:       *Require 10 percent of electricity come from
                           renewable sources by 2012
                          *Set national building efficiency goals
                          *Reduce federal energy consumption
                          *Invest in a Smart Grid
                          *Build more livable and sustainable communities
                          *Cap-and-trade auctions that require companies pay
                           for carbon emissions

  McCain’s platform:      *Lower corporate tax rate to foster renewable
                          *Make greening the federal government a top
                          *Tax credits for homeowners who utilize wind,
                           hydro and solar power
                          *Become more energy independent as a nation
                          *Invest in a SmartGrid and SmartMeter technologies
                          *Cap-and-trade auctions that allow companies free
                           access to carbon permits

    About Standard Renewable Energy

Founded in 2006, Standard Renewable Energy is a premier provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses. Operations include energy audits, high-efficiency heating and cooling products and services, spray-foam insulation, solar window film, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, solar thermal water heating systems, wind energy systems and more. For further information visit their website at http://www.sre3.com.

PRNewswire — Nov. 5

Source: Standard Renewable Energy

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