David Kirkpatrick

November 4, 2008

Election day 538 projection

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Here’s the final FiveThirtyEight projection before the polls open here in a few hours.

Did much lighter blogging yesterday (read: none) because of a medical emergency, and possibly might not be able to do much today.

Update — Actually here’s the absolute final projection taking into account the straggler polls. Even worse news for McCain. And thanks to the gang at FiveThirtyEight for the incredible number crunching over this electoral season. They may have created a sea-change in political polling. An often seamy and slanted part of the game.

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  1. […] already based on his exit polling “numbers.” If somehow McCain wins this thing — basically impossible if the FiveThirtyEight gang aren’t completely lost in space — the United States better buckle down for some serious, society-wrecking riots. The black […]

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