David Kirkpatrick

October 3, 2008

Corporate wikis

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Looks like one of the secrets to a successful corporate intranet is a wiki with a simple user interface.

From the link:

When Matthew Schultz started at iCrossing in February, a digital marketing firm, he realized his company had a knowledge management challenge. As the company expanded through acquisition, there wasn’t a fundamental method or technology to harness institutional knowledge.

“We’re adding not only products, but we were growing in people and the knowledge they bring,” says Schultz, the company’s VP of technology. “We needed a way to put all this knowledge in one location.”

The existing corporate intranet was typical: a phone directory, a few uploaded corporate documents, and no way to update it without getting help from the IT department, which was consumed with running critical corporate applications.

“IT wants to help, but they can only do so much,” Schultz says. “We needed something that was not only for the employees, but by the employees. I wanted us to build a wikipedia for the company and I wanted to make it the reference point for iCrossing’s knowledge.”

He needed to buy a wiki, a technology that allows users to update web pages often with no programming experience or knowledge of HTML code. He chose Socialtext, the Palo Alto company that made its mark selling wikis to enterprises and has since added corporate social networking profiles and a microblogging tool (a Twitter for the enterprise) to its portfolio.

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