David Kirkpatrick

September 30, 2008

McCain’s “strategy” and “tactics”

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Unless things change radically Obama will be gifted with two of the worst-run campaigns in Clinton and now McCain in my electoral memory.

Among a myriad of missteps, McCain makes an unvetted veep pick and has completely hung her out to dry. There are a number of legitimate questions about her ability to lead, and with Troopergate a legal question on top of her considerable competence issues.

All of this has been left wide open and regularly explored by the left-wing blogosphere and the mainstream media. I think the public is focused on the financial crisis right now and is getting zero reassurance from Team McCain they can do anything to improve our nation’s lot. Instead I’m betting most people have decided McCain is a doddering old fool who just makes shit up because it sounds good.

Those people might not be all that wrong.

Obama’s best campaigning move right now? Just stay out of the way while the Straight Talk Total BS Express crashes and burns.

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