David Kirkpatrick

September 23, 2008

Palin’s twelve lies

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Andrew Sullivan does a bang-up job of listing 12 demonstrable lies from McCain’s veep pick.

There’s a lot of stuff, both true and not, swirling around Sarah Palin, and the approach Team McCain has taken by sequestering her away from the horse race press isn’t helping matters.

This list cuts through the BS and uncovers twelve actual, factual lies told by a person John McCain wants to put his lack of a pulse away from the presidency of the United States. That decision alone disqualifies him in my mind. The most cynical and unserious act ever from a presidential nominee from any US political party.

The list of twelve (with links) from the Daily Dish link:

– She has lied about the Bridge To Nowhere. She ran for office favoring it, wore a sweatshirt defending it, and only gave it up when the federal congress, Senator McCain in particular, went ballistic. She kept the money anyway and favors funding Don Young’s Way, at twice the cost of the original bridge.

– She has lied about her firingof the town librarian and police chief of Wasilla, Alaska.

– She has lied about pressure on Alaska’s public safety commissioner to fire her ex-brother-in-law.

– She has lied about her previous statements on climate change.

– She has lied about Alaska’s contribution to America’s oil and gas production.

– She has lied about when she asked her daughters for their permission for her to run for vice-president.

– She has lied about the actual progress in constructing a natural gas pipeline from Alaska.

– She has lied about Obama’s position on habeas corpus.

– She has lied about her alleged tolerance of homosexuality.

– She has lied about the use or non-use of a TelePrompter at the St Paul convention.

– She has lied about her alleged pay-cutas mayor of Wasilla.

– She has lied about what Alaska’s state scientists concluded about the health of the polar bear population in Alaska.

You cannot trust a word she says. On anything.

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