David Kirkpatrick

September 13, 2008

I’ve read a few prescient …

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… posts on this subject around the blogosphere (with a nice summation here from a Daily Dish reader).

The subject? McCain has completely seized the narrative of the election right now with the full complicity of the leftist blogs.

I just checked out the Daily Kos to see how that played out and found the first headline, “McCain Distorts and Twists on Taxes, Says Obama.”

Number one leads with McCain’s name. The next three are the usual “diary rescue,” etc. along with a hurricane update.

Number five is titled, “Oh Yeah. He’s A Maverick, All Right.” All McCain, no Obama.

Not long ago everyone — including me — was commenting on how all the left blogs were focused on Obama and all the right blogs were, too. Right now the calculus has completely flipped. McCain owns the electronic media cycle.

Things are getting very interesting. And the left may well be paving a road to their own personal hell. And no Nader to blame this time around.

Personally I’d love to see Obama in office, if nothing else to help break up the farce that is today’s GOP, but if I were the Democratic candidate I’m sure I would be at the point of thinking, “With friends like these …”

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