David Kirkpatrick

August 28, 2008

Obama’s speech

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I dug around to try and find some very partisan reactions (Update: both positive and negative, Dem and GOP) to the nomination acceptance speech from Obama, but there wasn’t much up yet aside from quickie bits.

I didn’t catch the entire speech, but I though it was strong and pointed. The word that came to my mind was “strident.” The tone almost bordered on angry at times and may well reflect a serious “in-it-to-win-it” attitude from the campaign going forward.

If you didn’t watch, or just want to relive the words, here’s a link to the text of the speech from the Daily Kos— and a link on that page will take you to the 650+ and counting comments from Kossacks across the land.

McCain is going to have a very tough road to hoe against a clearly energized and confident Obama over the next two and half months.

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  1. David, here is reaction I posted on my blog if you are interested. Thanks,
    Obama Speech Reaction: Grading Obama’s Acceptance Speech: Style A, Substance B+, Effectiveness C-
    Barack did a great job delivering his speech tonight. He looked confident and read it with an almost perfect pitch. The Substance was good, we got some details from Barack on what he planned to do as President and he listed many programs. He did a good job communicating his passion for America and that he wants to be President.

    But on effectiveness, I give it a C- because it did not effectively address the issues that are going to bring him down in the fall. The issues of inexperience, being untested, his Liberalism, and his lack of support for the Surge.

    As I am writing this, I have MSNBC on in the background and I just saw that Chuck Todd said the Republicans would not want to follow this convention. That is completely wrong. Whenever you are Selling, you have a huge advantage when you go last because you get to address your opponent’s strengths and highlight the weaknesses of his product or brand.

    Was there anything new or a surprise from Barack tonight? Was anything groundbreaking? Once the euphoria fades, it will be clear he did not shore up his weak spots. We understand he would be different than Bush. We know his views on the last 8 years and at some point all the anecdotes start to run together.

    But Barack did not show that he has ever been a leader. Did he mention his record in the Senate? What of his record was actually mentioned? Did he counter being the most Liberal Senator in Congress? Did he mention anything he knows about foreign policy?

    His comment on drilling—totally unclear—is he now for it, still against it, or reluctanly going to accept it?

    The Republicans have a great opportunity to tie him to a failed Democrat energy policy, a chance to bring out his Liberal voting record and an opportunity to remind us he has virtually no experience.

    The Republicans can say that last week the Democrats refused to talk about Obama’s record, but this week we will. The Democrats refused to focus on Obama’s Liberal voting record, but we will.

    Obama said he wants to have that debate with John McCain, then why has he refused all the invitations to debate.

    Obama talked about McCain’s voting record, but not his. The Republicans will talk about it.

    Obama has so many weaknesses that can be exploited and this convention did not cover them up.

    To me, there is going to be one huge unspoken truth that the Republicans can exploit next week. The difference in how McCain and Obama acted during the toughest period of the Iraq War. McCain has a chance to frame the opposite responses to the Surge in a way that can devastate Barack Obama.

    it was an awesome venue and a well delivered speech. But it did not cover up his weaknesses and did not provide a strong defense for his areas of vulnerability.

    His greatest areas of vulnerability are on the issues most important to America.

    He is trying to neutralize a major McCain advantage: that John McCain always puts his principals over his politics. He said he would not say McCain’s positions were for political reasons. No kidding. He has risked his political life many times to do what is right. Obama could not make that argument if he spent a month trying to do it.

    But the reverse is not true. Obama has based his policies in the past based upon politics and it is fair to bring it up. Nowhere did Obama dispel this fact.

    I congratulate Obama on his speech and I hope he enjoys the night. He has a beautiful family. But next week when he gets taken apart issue by issue, position by position, please remember that he did nothing in tonight’s speech to immunize himself from the most effective attacks against him or to pre-empt any discussion about his lack of record and lack of leadership.

    This week, the Dems avoided talking about Obama’s record. Next week, the Republicans can say something like:

    “Like All Americans, I enjoyed watching the DNC convention last week. It was a great production, with great speeches by the candidates. I don’t know if they were pressed for time or just somehow overlooked it, but there wasn’t much talk about Barack Obama’s records or his accomplishments. Well, in the spirit of the coming together, we as Republicans should be willing to take some time from our convention to discuss Senator Obama’s record and his accomplishments. I know some will argue that every minute we have in Minnesota counts and we should not waste our valuable time, but I think we can be big spirited enough to discuss Obama’s accomplishmens as he has been a Senator for a few years and I am sure his feelings were hurt that none of his supporters took the time to discuss it. And don’t worry. Don’t worry my friends, it won’t take but a minute or two of our time.”

    Comment by RC Lightning — August 28, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

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