David Kirkpatrick

August 28, 2008

GOP heading toward dark ages

Hit this National Review Corner link for all the details— and party platforms are all but a joke — but if the GOP has become this anti-science and anti-research and basically so stupidly christianist, I’m going to have a serious problem pulling the lever for any but very deserving self-described Republicans for a while.

This party must be punished for general idiocy if nothing else.

From the link:

The 2008 Republican Platform calls for a ban on all embryonic stem-cell research, public or private.


  1. […] Latest DC BS on stem cells Filed under: Politics, Science — Tags: embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent cells, Institute of Medicine, National Academies, National Research Council, scientific research — davidkirkpatrick @ 11:05 am The entire issue around stem cell research just makes me mad. It’s ridiculous that a country like the United States allows Dark Age ideals and intelligence to influence science. This year’s GOP platform includes a call for a ban on any form of stem cell research public or private. […]

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  2. oh god i needed a Good Laff* U my Friend are Bang On Brother!!

    Keep Fighting the Good Fight!!

    ;)) Peace*

    Comment by BillyWarhol — September 8, 2008 @ 2:32 am

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