David Kirkpatrick

July 16, 2008

Google’s ranking analytics

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One of my commercial specialties is SEO website content and I’ve blogged about the concept and techniques. One aspect of SEO that is always something of a mystery is the various analytics used by search engines, particularly by the big dog, Google.

Here’s a post on the official Google blog titled, “Technologies behind Google ranking.” Interesting stuff on what they’re doing over in Mountain View. Should be of interest to anyone who uses Google, and particularly of interest to anyone involved in any of the various aspects of search engine optimization.

From the second link:

In my previous post, I introduced the philosophies behind Google ranking. As part of our effort to discuss search quality, I want to tell you more about the technologies behind our ranking. The core technology in our ranking system comes from the academic field of Information Retrieval (IR). The IR community has studied search for almost 50 years. It uses statistical signals of word salience, like word frequency, to rank pages. (See “Modern Information Retrieval: A Brief Overview” for a quick overview of IR technology.) IR gave us a solid foundation, and we have built a tremendous system on top using links, page structure, and many other such innovations.

Search in the last decade has moved from give me what I said to give me what I want. User expectations from search have rightly increased. We work hard to fulfill the expectations of each and every user, and to do that we need to better understand the pages, the queries, and our users. Over the last decade we have pushed the technologies for understanding these three components (of the search process) to completely new dimensions.

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