David Kirkpatrick

July 3, 2008

Not the best week for the left blogosphere

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And the New Republic calls them on it.

From the link:

And it’s hardly just the conservatives on the Journal editorial page noticing these moves. Witness the ever-excitable Glenn Greenwald throwing hissy-fits. Markos Moulitsas announces that he’s holding off on giving money. Arianna Huffington huffs ‘n puffs. By rejecting these people and their radicalism, Barack Obama isn’t just showing that he wants to win, but that he wants to govern the country responsibly.

Not sure which of these three tiny rants is the most embarrassing, but Markos came off as particularly whiny. I don’t think the far left understands that any candidate who meets all their criteria would be basically unelectable. And after the Bush 43 years, the same goes for the far right. My guess is the electorate is going to be very wary of any candidates with extreme ideas on either fringe.

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