David Kirkpatrick

June 23, 2008

Bob Barr v McCain

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Ex-Republican; the strong, and earliest, proponent of Bill Clinton’s impeachment; and Libertarian Party nominee for president this year, Bob Barr, is pushing hard for McCain’s votes.

Here’s a post from Barr’s campaign website blog:

Barr offers “scathing critique” of McCain

June 18th, 2008 by Jason Pye

Bob Barr recently sat down with Eric Pianin of the Washington Post to discuss his campaign and offered “a scathing critique of Sen. John McCain”:

Barr, a one-time conservative Republican House member from Georgia who broke with the Bush administration and many of his former congressional colleagues, blasted McCain for his support of the war in Iraq, his energy policies and his stand on reducing government spending.

“With regard to domestic policy, Sen. McCain really has put forward nothing that would indicate he believes in dramatically shrinking the size and cost of the government,” Barr said during an interview on washingtonpost.com’s “PostTalk” program. “He does talk a great game about doing away with earmarks, but that really does not get near to the heart of the matter of the massive federal spending, the massive federal debt and the deficits we’re running.”
Barr said that “the tremendous growth” of federal government powers since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks “has so dramatically shrunk the sphere of personal liberty in this country … that it has really caused myself and many other Americans … to take a much harder look at government power than we did in the past.”

(note: hit link for video)


The Washington Times also published an article on why McCain’s team ought to be concerned about Barr becoming the Nader of 2008.

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