David Kirkpatrick

May 31, 2008

Democratic chaos

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Wow. Just wow.

Overall what a black eye for the Democratic Party today. It seems Clinton has truly lost it (“it” being her mind, the race has been over for quite a long time) at this point, and her most ardent supporters are right there with her.

From the link:

Clinton nets 24 delegates out of the day.

A Democratic official close to Sen. Carl Levin says: “He is pleased they have made progress over where they were this morning. He is confident that the full delegation will be seated with full voting rights at the convention.”

7:16: Some Clinton supporters begin to shout: “McCain, McCain, McCain.”


7:15: Michigan compromise motion passes; 19 to 8.

7:05: A senior Michigan Democrat: “We will continue to work until the full delegation is seated but have reason to believe the candidate will restore 100% when picked.”

7:04: A spokesperson for Sen. Levin says that he’s “going to keep working until Michigan is fully seated with full voting rights at the convention.”

7:03: Ickes: “Mrs. Clinton has reserved her right to take this to the credentials committee.”

7:02: Ickes: “Hijacking four delegates is not a good way to start down the path toward unity.”

7:00 pm: Mr. Ickes continues. “Not only will this motion hijack four delegates from Mrs. Clinton, it will take 55 delegates from uncommitted status, which is a recognized presidential status under our constitution and convert them to Barack Obama.”

6:58: A senior DNC official says that Sen. Carl Levin is not likely to challenge the Michigan seating.

6:57: Don Fowler, former DNC chairman, and a Clinton supporter, announces his support for the motion. Ickes: “I rise in opposition. I find it inexplicable that this body that is supposedly devoted to rules is going to fly in the face of other than for our affirmative action rules the single most fundamental rule in the delegate selection process, that is, fair reflection.”

6:54: On To Michigan: Mame Reiley moves that all pledged delegate positions in Michigan be restored with one half vote; Clinton 69 delegates casting 34.5 votes, Obama’s 59 delegates casting 29.5 votes; a net of five.

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