David Kirkpatrick

May 8, 2008

Nanny state in action — the US government

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An interesting story at Reason on the REAL ID. The article comes from a bipartisan Cato Institute event.

From the link (the quotes are from South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford and Montana Senator Jon Tester):

“Outside of the liberty component, outside of the security standpoint, if you care about spending you’d ought to care about REAL ID.”

On the time it’d take to assign people their IDs: “Two hours is a lot of time on earth. You can spend it with friends, you can spend it with family, or you can spend it in a DMV line.”

Sanford rattles off a list of information abuses, like the passport file breaches of the presidential candidates. “One-stop shopping for every computer hacker around the world is not a good idea for our security.”

Tester gets up to speak and tosses down the gauntlet. “When our rights get trampled upon, the terrorists win.”

Tester calls the application of the law-“cringe”-worthy, especially the “arbitrary deadline” that states were given to comply. DHS is “using federal resources to bully states to go with the program.” He points out that full agreement with the Act isn’t mandated until 2017.

“Creating a national ID — make no mistake, that’s what REAL ID is — will create countless opportunities to access our information in a way we have not agreed to.”

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