David Kirkpatrick

May 6, 2008

Indiana and North Carolina vote

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The last big delegate day has arrived — both Indiana and North Carolina are voting. Early predictions have Obama winning North Carolina handily (and maybe by double digits) and Indiana too close to statistically call. A total of 172 pledged delegates are at stake in the two primaries.

I’ll periodically update the results. Unless otherwise noted all numbers are from CNN and CNN.com.

Update 6:26 pm — This is pretty funny from Matt Yglesias at Atlantic.com:

I should make an official prediction about tonight, right? Well, clearly the universe is conspiring to make this primary last as long as possible. So what’s going to happen is that (of course) Clinton will win Indiana and Obama will win North Carolina. But Clinton will win Indiana by a larger margin than Obama wins North Carolina, and Clinton’s supporters will note in somber tones that Obama lost the white vote in NC. At the same time, because NC has substantially more delegates than Indiana, Obama will actually make a small gain in net delegates causing his supporters (i.e. me) to become further enraged at Clinton’s refusal to admit that she’s lost and the press’ insistence on indulging the idea that there’s real doubt about the ultimate outcome.

In very early returns from Indiana, Clinton leads 57-43 with 16% reporting. McCain is getting 75% of the GOP vote.

Update 6:49 pm — With officially 0% reporting Obama leads North Carolina 65-32 and CNN is already calling the state for Obama. Clinton is holding steady at 57-43 in Indiana with 28% reporting. No call for that state just yet.

Update 7:33 pm — Switching to NYT for numbers since CNN.com is pretty much non-loading at this point. They break it out to tenth, so I will too.

North Carolina with 11% reporting: Obama 64, Clinton 34.4

Indiana with 47% reporting: Clinton 55.3, Obama 44.7. interestingly, these numbers have been slowly tightening and the NW, including Gary, an expected Obama stronghold, has yet to report.

Update 8:11pm — Both states are tightening a bit, but Obama’s completely blowing Clinton out of the water in NC. His gap-closing in Indiana has to have Team Clinton very concerned. It’s the longest of shots, but he could win that state.

NC with 27% reporting: Obama 60.7, Clinton 37.5

Indiana with 68% reporting (and no call yet): Clinton 53, Obama 47.1

Update 9:11 pm — NC 66% in, Obama 56.1, Clinton 41.8; Indiana 79% in, Clinton 51.9, Obama 48.1

Update 10:19 pm — Final update of the night. Indiana remains uncalled becuase of Lake County in the northwest. Right now with 86% reporting Clinton holds a narrow margin of 51.8-48.2. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible Obama could squeeze a tiny victory with strong numbers from the not-yet-reporting county. However you slice it, this is hard blow for Clinton.

In North Carolina Obama’s lead is holding around the numbers from an hour ago. 92% in, he leads 56.1-41.7


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  1. In about an hour we shall know! I disagree with you on North Carolina, as people here in the Eastern farm country is coming out from behind the old tobacco barns to vote for Hillary. I didn’t know this but people here still think Bill Clinton was the greatest president we ever had. I think North Carolina will be in the low single digits or better! An unexpected win!
    I got me a domain and so just wanted to see if it works so here it is!:)

    Comment by goodtimepolitics — May 6, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

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