David Kirkpatrick

April 20, 2008

If you want to blow …

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… $100 dollars just buy a four pack of these outlet covers.

From the link:

Machina Dynamica’s Tru-Tone Duplex Cover is a special audiophile-grade cover for all duplex wall outlets; they are intended to replace all types of duplex covers – steel, plastic, wood, etc. – in the listening room — including non-audio outlets and unused outlets. We suggest a baseline of 3-4 Duplex Covers in the room to see what these covers will do.

The gullibility of audiophiles is both constantly surprising and quite embarrassing. if these people spent a fraction of the money put into cables, interconnects and apparently outlet covers, into education on basic acoustics and auditory biology they’d be able to see through the inane claims of companies like Machina Dynamica.

And probably enjoy the sounds emanating from their systems quite a bit more as well.

(Hat tip: JREF’s SWIFT)

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