David Kirkpatrick

April 2, 2008

Hydrogen fuel news

Even more from KurzweilAI.net today — two bits on improving hydrogen as a fuel source.

The first outlines research that found hydrogen can be stored in nanoparticles making the fuel source potentially much more mobile.

The second link covers algae as a source of hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen Storage In Nanoparticles Works: Outlook For Hydrogen Cars Improved
Science Daily, April 1, 2008Dutch chemist Kees Balde has discovered that 30-nanometer particles of the metal hydride sodium alanate make storage and release of hydrogen possible, allowing for it to be more easily used in mobile applications.

With the addition of a titanium catalyst, a further reduction in the particle size to 20 nanometers is possible, allowing for even more efficient storage of hydrogen.
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Algae as a hydrogen fuel source
KurzweilAI.net, April 2, 2008Argonne National Laboratory scientists are engineering algae’s photosynthesis process to produce hydrogen gas by adding the enzyme hydrogenase.

Algae that naturally have hydrogenase produce only small volumes of hydrogen. With the enzyme added to photosynthesis the algae should produce as much hydrogen as oxygen.

See Also Algae-Based Fuels Set to Bloom

DOE/Argonne National Laboratory News Release

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