David Kirkpatrick

March 24, 2008

McCain, Obama and Clinton all poll around 47%

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Every Gallup iteration between Obama, Clinton and McCain is pretty much a statistical tie.

Seems to me to bode poorly for McCain. He’s had free reign for weeks now and Obama’s taken heavy fire between the Wright and Rezko flaps and Clinton’s kitchen sink/toilet strategy. Once she’s out of the way I expect his numbers against McCain to steadily rise.

From the link:

PRINCETON, NJ — The Democratic nomination battle — having undergone significant shifts last week during the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy — is now back to a virtual tie between Barack Obama (favored by 47% of national Democratic voters), and Hillary Clinton (chosen by 46%).

Today’s results are based on interviews conducted in the three days prior to Easter Sunday, March 20-22. The results confirm Gallup’s March 22 reportshowing that Clinton’s recent lead in the race — apparently fueled by controversy dogging the Obama campaign over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — had evaporated.

At the same time, thus far Obama has not been able to reestablish the clear frontrunner position he enjoyed in late February, and again in mid-March. As has happened so often over the past six weeks, the race among national Democratic voters has become “too close to call.” (To view the complete trend since Jan. 2, 2008, click here.)

Gallup’s general election ballots, pitting presumptive Republican nominee John McCain against Obama and Clinton, continue to show McCain with a slight edge. According to the latest five-day rolling average, from March 18-22, McCain holds a three percentage point lead over Obama in the preferences of national registered voters, and a 2-point lead over Clinton. — Lydia Saad

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