David Kirkpatrick

February 29, 2008

Matt Drudge …

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is an “honourless shit” according to Samizdata’s Perry de Havilland. Drudge was the most prominent “outer” of a British royal, Prince Harry, serving on the front in Afghanistan.

This revelation obviously seriously endangers Harry’s entire unit since one member would certainly be considered a “high value target” for the gang of Islamic fools, otherwise known as the Taliban, fighting against UK forces.

Here’s a graf from the link concluding with Perry’s apt epitaph for Drudge on this one:

Matt Drudge and the German Newspapers were not the first to mention where Prince Harry had been deployed, that dubious ‘honour’ goes to the Australian publication New Idea, who have at least expressed regret that they blew Prince Harry’s cover, suggesting they may be guilt of a lack of thought rather than callous disregard for someone’s safety in a war zone. The MoD kept quiet when New Idea first broke the story, suggesting they rather sensibly assumed an Australian woman’s magazine was probably not high on the reading list of many Muslim fundamentalists and indeed it took over a month for it to get picked up elsewhere. But the person who really moved this into wider circulation and got the story picked up globally was Matt Drudge. Although the Berliner Kurier and Bild also reported this, Drudge was at some point claiming this as an ‘exclusive’ and claiming the ‘credit’ for himself, so I will take him at his word and call him an honourless shit in that case.

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