David Kirkpatrick

February 28, 2008

Elron plagiarized his “religion”

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An interesting development has come to light. It seems L. Ron Hubbard completely plagiarized the “tenets” of his cult, Scientology. It’s always been assumed the hack science fiction writer simply wrote the basis of the organization.

Particularly since numerous contemporaries have gone on record quoting L. Ron announcing he intended to “create” a religion because that’s where the money was (if you’re looking for more on this, I’m pretty sure you can dig up quotes with a web search — I’d start with the author Harlan Ellison.)

As it turns out the background of L. Ron’s cult of Scientology comes from a German book published in 1934 titled, “Scientologie.”

Wow. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the faithful will attempt to discredit this discovery, but debunkers no longer have to point out a mid-level, at best, sci-fi writer “came up with” this crazy-assed “religion.” The source material is right there in print, and little thief Elron didn’t even create the story himself.

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