David Kirkpatrick

February 25, 2008

The Corner weighs in …

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on the “picture.”

Obama Pic A Mistake    [Peter Wehner]

A few thoughts on this Obama photo that was circulated by the Clinton campaign, published on the Drudge Report. The first is that it is a sign of the desperation of Team Clinton. The second is that it is pretty nasty stuff, with its “he’s a Muslim and it should bother you” undertone. For the record, Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim, and the photo should not bother anyone (I recall President Bush had to wear some pretty wild outfits when he attended the APEC summits). And third, this will backfire in a big way. Twenty-four hours from now I suspect we’ll see virtually the entire Democratic establishment, and many others, condemning this tactic. It’ll advance the storyline that the Clinton campaign is spinning out of control – lurching from melancholy valedictory comments one day to faux outrage the next – and in its dying days.

During tomorrow evening’s debate, Hillary Clinton will be on the defensive and very much regret this stupid and ugly effort.

Other than that, it was a swell idea.

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  1. This photo has been around and Obama should be proud to wear his father’s native garments. You can see he has his American clothing on beneath the robe, so don’t see how Hillary would think this gets her any points with voters; in fact she denied knowing about it. Maybe Obama put it out there to make him look presidential like when Bush wore the Saudi robe a few weeks ago visiting KSA.

    Comment by Pameal — February 25, 2008 @ 11:07 pm

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