David Kirkpatrick

February 25, 2008

Kurzweil forecasts future tech

Here’s an interesting group of tech forecasts from Ray Kurzweil.

Kurzweil forecast future techologies that will impact game developers
KurzweilAI.net, Feb. 25, 2008

Look for the price-to-performance ratio of computers to improve a billionfold in the next 25 years, Ray Kurzweil said in a keynote speech, “The Next 20 Years of Gaming,” at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, CNET reported.

Kurzweil said game programmers should be developing ahead of the curve, considering the constantly changing face of game technology.

“We may even have the ability to accurately represent the human brain or produce convincing human language— dialog — on the fly,” Kurzweil said. “The implications and potential for the advancement of games from such technological leaps are exciting to ponder,” Wired reported.

Kurzweil’s forecasts have “obvious and exciting implications for gaming,” according to Game Helper.

By 2010, we’ll have electronics so tiny they are “embedded in the environment, our clothing, our eyeglasses”; images and video will be “written directly to our retinas” and “we will all enjoy a “ubiquitous high bandwidth connection to the Internet at all times.”

By 2029, “We will have developed a human-level non-biological intelligence; “$1,000 worth of computation = 1000 times the human brain“; and while biological intelligence is in essence “fixed,” non-biological intelligence will continue increasing exponentially, and will combine “the subtlety and pattern recognition strength of human intelligence with the speed, memory, and knowledge sharing of machine intelligence.”

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