David Kirkpatrick

February 14, 2008

Nanny state in action Penn-style

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I’m never in favor of cities using automated methods to collect fines from the citizenry — red light cameras no exception.

This case from Pennsylvania might just take the cake.

From the link:

… according to the people who sent a red-light camera ticket last July, Verissimo did do something wrong. He got hit with a $100 fine.

“As soon as you cross that red-light, you have to pay the ticket. I understand that,” Verissimo said.

But he said he was just showing respect to the dead.

“We were in a funeral procession. There are exceptions to the rules,” he said.

He’s right. And it’s more than just an exception — it’s the law, Hairston reported.

Pennsylvania law clearly states drivers in funeral processions may proceed past a red light signal or a stop sign. And not only that, a police officer waived him through the red light.

The officer is actually on the red-light camera ticket. Also visible is the police SUV.

(Hat tip: Fark)

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