David Kirkpatrick

February 11, 2008

Texas primary on March 4

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The Texas primary is coming up in several weeks on Tuesday, March 4. It’s an open vote and I intend to pull the lever for Obama. My blog has probably been showing a bias that direction for a while.

There’s no reason to vote on the GOP ticket since McCain will be the nominee. Plus, even though I have some substantial policy differences with Obama, I would like to see him as president. I think there is something truly transformative with his message. Transformative far, far beyond his race.

I don’t have a problem with McCain as president, either.

And, I have no problem with women in executive positions. I voted for Ann Richards, a Democrat, for governor of Texas more than once. I vote for Kay Baily Hutchinson, a Republican, for reelection to the Senate every chance I get.

I had no beef with the Clinton years in Washington. I liked the balancing of the budget, and the GOP hate thrown Bill’s way was stupid and counterproductive. I do have great qualms with a Hillary presidency. The arrogance of her early campaign, and a serious lack of overall competence managing these primary battles, make me think she’s not capable of running this country.

We may soon have the first black president. We will have both a black and female president in the future — possibly in the same person. Condi Rice, anyone? Anyone who votes for a candidate based solely on their race, gender or party affiliation, rather than what that candidate brings to the table, is doing their vote a disservice.

(Just for the record, I wouldn’t vote current Texas governor, Rick Perry, for dogcatcher. I thank our state’s political power structure that all the real clout resides in the lieutenant governor’s office.)


  1. It’s interesting that Obama’s been cleaning up in red states. Aside from Clinton’s (apparent) latino edge, I imagine he’ll do well in Texas too.

    Condi Rice as Pres? About as much chance as Dick Cheney.
    Rick Perry for dog catcher? I’d vote for that.

    Comment by antennawilde — February 11, 2008 @ 7:46 pm

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