David Kirkpatrick

February 6, 2008

Obama “wins” Tsunami Tuesday

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Both Democratic camps claimed success after Super Tuesday, but it looks like Obama ended up the big winner. The victory was close, but Obama will end up with something like 845 delegates to Clinton’s 830-ish. Considering where Clinton was polling just a few weeks ago combined with Obama’s January fundraising, the vote yesterday was a triumph for the Illinois Senator.

From the linked Daily Dish post:

But it allows the Obama camp to point out – correctly – that they won a majority of the contests yesterday, won in a wider variety of red and blue states, and won in the number of delegates counted. Obama is also winning in fundraising. That’s a pretty impressive tailwind for this weekend and next Tuesday.

(Update: a dissenting view here from John Judis at TNR’s the Plank. It looks like the commenters came to the same conclusion I did, however.)

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