David Kirkpatrick

January 12, 2008

Ron Paul newsletter scandal, pt. 3

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This link is my last post on the Ron Paul newsletter scandal barring some amazing change in the situation. The link goes to Wendy McElroy’s roundup of many fine sources.

Anyone who has any ongoing interest in the issue should enjoy her entire set of links.

My thoughts are: the Ron Paul phenomena really interested me. I loved the philosophy of hacking government back like so much kudzu weed and I really liked his preaching the ideal of a “you do what you want, I do what I want and let’s stay out of each others way if we don’t get along” brand of personal liberty.

In fact that’s his explanation of tolerating extreme (and unpleasant) points of view. He doesn’t judge, but he also doesn’t congratulate or even necessarily affirm. I personally love the idea of “live and let live.”

I thought, and still hope, the good doctor believes and lives that idea beyond simply giving lip service to it. Some of this information gives me pause, but I’m not going to make a judgement on Ron Paul.

I am, sad to say, disappointed with all these revelations. I was pumped about the notion that Paul had raised enough money to remain a minor factor in the GOP race and could at least present his small government/personal liberty version of conservatism at the convention and catch a few ears of those who became lost during the Bush 43 regime of bloated government, stolen personal liberty and zero accountability or shame.

(Find part one here, and part two here.)


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