David Kirkpatrick

January 11, 2008

Paul’s newsletter scandal, pt. 2

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Here’s a fascinating account from RightWatch, a group that’s been tracking Paul’s darker associations. Part of that link can also be found at Wendy McElroy’s site.

I hope these revelations, however they play out for Paul, don’t harm the libertarian movement. Paul’s message of small government and personal liberty attracted many Americans to the basic ideals of libertarianism.

It’d be a real shame for this movement to stall because of the stench of this scandal. And believe me, this is a scandal at this point.

The more I learn about the newsletters, the more I think Paul needs to come clean. Claiming to not know who ghosted the bigoted articles — and that it’s all in the past — doesn’t really wash anymore and the implausible denials will only create more media heat.


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